Saturday, May 1, 2010


Did you see the moon last night? It was fantastic, a huge bright light in the sky just right for dancing beneath. I've got that 'naked nymph' feeling today, oak groves, maypoles, ribbons and bells. Of course there's none of that in Vrahassi (should I set a trend?). I think not, it is still a bit chilly. Hey ho, better do something normal instead, mop the floor, hang washing out, do a bit of weeding. It's not 'naked nymph' work, is it? Still, we are off to visit Gav and Rosemarie this afternoon, so could do a bit of tiptoeing around thier pool. I'll do something really traditional on the way and pick some wild flowers to make into a garland. I won't be alone because that is what the Greek people do on May 1st - unless they are stricking of course.

What's that I hear? Jingly bells - Oh it's an old goat, thought it just might have been a Morrise dancer!

Hope your day is as fun packed as mine.

Jane x

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