Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's a lovely day, just right for a relaxing Bank Holiday. But does it make any difference in the Sharp house. Not a jot. David is out working as usual, deadlines to meet, and I have my cello to practice for the concert on Wednesday. Still, no worries, the dogs have been walked, the flowers watered, and it is very peaceful in Vrahassi.
Talking of peaceful, whilst wandering throught the graveyard the other day, I took this photo of the 'bone house', orbs and all. The poor soul who ended up in the Draculina Tasty Snack box must not have had enough funds (or friends) to provide him with a wooden casket.
Vrahassi Bone House
If you put my bones in a cardboard box,
Please don't be so hasty,
DRACOOULINA SNACKS may be quite good,
But bones are not so tasty,
Besides it doesn't look just right
When other casks are oak,
'To have an ad of 'TASTY SNACKS',
In fact it's quite a joke,
Do you suppose the Verger knew,
Perhaps it was a dare,
Whichever way you look at it
It doesn't seem quite fair,
But in the bone house one such box
I saw amongst the racks,
In truth it bore the 'vertisment

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