Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, the BIG DAY came and went and now I wait patiently for the answer from IKA.

You have all seen those American court room dramas; it was very similar. He who shall not be named turned up with his lawyer and two 'witnesses', one a relative, the other a mate (yes he managed to find one). The IKA Board consisted of 8 people. With me was my Lawyer, David, my two witnesses and my interpreter (who I have to add was an angel sent to me at the very last minute).

Going into the office I saw a pin on the floor and of course picked it up, "see a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck," that made me feel very positive, however when he who shall not be named entered the premise I wanted to stab him with the said pin and in my mind devised all sorts of scenarios. Shall it be in the inside thigh? Shall it be in his kidneys? Shall it be straight for the... no, no, stop, I thought. The pin was getting very hot in my tense fingers so a carefully put it down on the window ledge for somebody else to pick up.

Then we found out that our case was last on the list, again, and that we would have to wait for about 2 hours, and while my solicitor had a 'power nap' the rest of us made small talk. Then I noticed that he who shall not be named was 'SMOKING' right under the NO SMOKING sign. I marched up to his solicitor and said, "Am I correct in thinking that it is not allowed to smoke in here?" "Yes," he answered. "Well, HE, is smoking," I said pointing to his client. As I walked back to my company the offending cigarette was put out (in the tall ash-tray provided for... hem... none-smokers). It was of course mental war games. He eyeballed me until he had to turn his head away because I sure as hell wasn't going to. All I could think of was the crushing hurt that he had inflicted on me by having the police take me in, by blackmailing me for 8,000 euro first and then trying a Solicitor's letter for 10,000 euro. And because I laughed at that then he had gone wimping to the IKA office which had resulted in all the stress of this Tribunal.

There was a lot of shouting, mainly by his Solicitor, some from mine and authoritative voice raising by members of the Board of IKA. He who shall not be named said very little unlike last time when he too nearly blew his head of in a spitting rage. I remained silent until I was asked to speak and then I have to admit I broke down. I really tried to keep control but my voice strained through the tears until I had said what I wanted to say. Then it seemed to be over and we were all ushered out.

And now we are still waiting for the results. Whatever the outcome, I feel a winner. I am rid of the worry of having to go through that meeting, and I can move forward with my life.

I don't know whether the pin which I picked up did me any good, maybe I should have held on to it a while longer. When I know whether the Board have agreed to his demands or not I will let you know, meanwhile...


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