Monday, July 6, 2009


The Revolution Bar is no more - so what am I going to do with my time? Seems like I haven't had a problem this week. First we welcomed new neighbours and friends from England, Ian and Diana who have a beautiful house in Vrahassi. Then the debut in Neapolis of Grant and Ross who entertained with 'Rock music' and didn't these two young boys do well in front of a large audience. Then it was my turn to play when Gillian, John and Elizabeth came to rehearse our newly formed quartet. Thanks to Vanessa and Simon we all got together for a barbecue on the beach at Malia and still in party mode we were invited to the 'house warming' of Maria and George from Italy (Vrahassi certainly has some class property). The Bazaar which was held in Neapolis was a bit of a non-event however we shall be holding another in Cindy's Bar in Ag Nik in a couple of week's time. So, that was last week and it seems like this week is shaping up well. Art class yesterday and, apart from going into the electricity office to pay my telephone bills it was a lovely day ending with a dinner invitation to George and Anna's place at Sissi. Today is music practice day and tomorrow Greek Class in Kritsa. That will bring me nicely to Friday, 10th July and MY BIRTHDAY! See ya later!

Music on the mountain.

Ian and Diana just arrived from England for a life in the sun and David and Gail with son David who will be joining us very soon.

Maria and George perfect hosts at their house warming party.

Androniki, Dimitri and son Manolis (the Serviceland gang) with David enjoying the fun.

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