Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It is official, as of today there is a 'no smoking' ban inside the cafeneo in the centre of Vrahassi. If anyone smokes at Yianni's place then he is liable to incur a very heavy fine. This ban goes for all restaurants and cafenea unless they have a special licence to allow smoking - this licence costs a few thousand euro too so Yianni has decided to ban smoking from his shop. It is OK while ever people are sitting outside in the summer air but what will happen in the winter? It will be very interesting to see what happens. Anyway, well done Yianni for trying to stick to the law.

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petroscrete2 said...

"When I come to Crete, The mayor has a big problem. Below 70 square metre its not a big problem. On this time there is a bigggggggg discussion into the parliament/legislature about this question...Yianni must only go to the mayor
And ask him,,,,a Permission.... If the mayor not understand this..... He Su......!


Ben from Ine