Friday, July 24, 2009


I have a bit of a thick head this morning, totally self inflicted of course so I'm not complaining, I did overdo the bubbly stuff yesterday. From lunch time onwards it was just one long celebration. My wonderful Lawyer rang me with the news around noon and the first cork was popped as I rang my daughter to tell her that the IKA Tribunal had ACCEPTED my case and therefore I have NOTHING to pay.

I just want to put out a BIG 'THANK YOU' to everyone who helped me get through the last year. I know that your well wishes, your supportive mails, your prayers and your friendship will certainly have logged up Karma.

I also want to thank my Lawyer, Mr George Vergiatakis of Agios Nikolaos for his wisdom.

As for George Stefanakis, I wish him a happy life and hope that he never hurts anyone else the way he has hurt me.

I am now going to write my book in the peace and quiet of my lovely house in Vrahassi where I shall enjoy life together with David my soul mate, my lover, my best friend and the best husband in the whole world.

(Did I tell you that Pouchi has been adopted? We are down to one dog again, Zouki, who is very happy to have her kennel back)

AND TONIGHT IS THE BIG PARTY AT ALMIROS WHERE I AM TO PLAY 'VALANTINO' so I'm off to practice my music before Greek class at midday. Life goes on dunit!

Jane x

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