Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Island - Spinalonga

Andonis the Barman made sure we didn't go thirsty and he had a lovely smile!
The Island - Spinalonga

The little church of St George, a great place for a breather.

 I was up early this morning to collect my relatives from Stalis, and take them to Agios Nikolaos where we took a day trip to Spinalonga. The boat left at 10 a.m. and returned at 4 p.m. The price, 25 euro included plate of salad and a barbecued pork chop, an apple, and a glass of wine or juice. We also had to pay 2 euro each once on the island to look around. The boat that we were directed to was The Lato, a pleasant enough boat, but all the other passengers were either Russian, Polish or Dutch and there was no English commentary. When I made enquiries about having the information in English, a very nice Greek lady did come and explain the timings of the trip, and what we had to do should we want a vegetarian lunch. Once on the island we were on our own but that was OK as I did know quite a bit about the history of Spinalonga.

The Walls of the Old Venetian Fortress
This was our boat, but we were not alone!
Greeted by a huge glass cross as we got off the boat.

The Gun Turret

First we walked around the island, it is not far, half an hour's walk at the most.

The Grave Yard on Spinalonga

There were lots of black flags flapping in the strong breeze.
After the trip around the island of Spinalonga, we took the boat again to a small, sandy bay, where we could enjoy a swim while the crew prepared lunch. It was my first swim of the year. I worked on my tan and enjoyed being a tourist for a day.
I think I shall have to work on my tan!

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