Sunday, June 26, 2011

Κλήδονας | Μοχός 2011

This is a yearly event in many villages. Maybe next year I will be able to attend. Anyway, I had a great Friday night with visitors from our home town in England. I caught up on all the gossip, births, deaths etc. and spent a very pleasant evening in Koutoulafari near Xersonissos. Of course it has taken me two days to get over the late night and the alcohol. It did not stop me having a 3 hour cello practice today though. Zumba on Tuesday should sort out the extra calories that I took on board. It actually threw a shower in Vrahassi today, but generally speaking it is quite warm.

So, it's time for bed, nearly 11 o'clock. Mosquito on my VDU so I'm off. Bye for now.
Love Jane x

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eva i Aten said...

Hi Jane, is Klidonas celebrated in Mochos every year? I wrote about this tradition and I'm making a list in which places it's celebrated.