Friday, June 17, 2011

Greek Government June 2011

Well, it is not every day that a new government gets sworn in. I just happened to be having my chicken sandwich when it came on the box. Let's hope that these good men in black will be able to sort the country out. Anyway it is Friday, and I've got that Friday feeling. David and I are going out on the town tonight, so we shall hear the reaction on the street. That is if there is anybody on the street in Vrahassi.

Did you see the total eclipse of the moon? It was awesome. Very inspirational.

The weather is still on the cool side for June. No worries I can work much better in these temperatures.

Have a good weekend everyone. To Barbara and Lorrain, see you very soon. To Barbara and Stuart, see you even sooner, and to Manolis my Greek teacher, θα σε δω αυριο!

Jane x

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