Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Xania with Jane and Tears from the Sun

Our very brief trip to Xania a few weeks ago. It's a bit of a different day to today, when I am in the middle of tidying up our front garden, up to my neck in compost. Still it is time to get out garden furniture out and the umbrella up. I do believe that the countdown has started to my birthday celebrations, and as tonight is the solstice, then a spot of dancing naked around our geraniums might be a good idea.

I had a lovely lunch in Sissi, yesterday, with my friend Jayne. It was lovely to be able to sit by the sea, relaxe and catch up on the latest. I was sorry to hear that June of Geoff and June, is poorly and that Joe of Gail and Joe Printing, had had a heart bypass operation. Get well soon, both of you!

I am off to Zumba dancing class this afternoon, then a quick visit to the supermarket, cello practice tonight, and that's my day. Have a good one yourselves!

Love Jane x

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