Friday, November 12, 2010


Now I grant you, this house is very small. But it does have road access both front and back, and would make an ideal first home for a young person wishing to live an independent life. Equally well, it would make an ideal holiday home.
It is fully equipped inside with a fitted living/kitchen downstairs and a bedroom and tiled bathroom upstairs. It is furnished and includes two televisions and a radio/cassette player. There is a double bed. So, the house is ready for occupation. The first floor balcony has a view of the Lassithioti mountains.
Let me explain that the house in question is the one with the pink surround. The house next door however is also for sale.
I am not acting as an Estate Agent, I am simply informing you of the availability of this property. Please ask any one of the Agents if you are interested.

This house is situated on the main through road and parking is available nearby.

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