Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is Emmanuella 'Em' for short. She is 7 years old. Her name day is on 25th December, she doesn't know what day her birthday falls on. I have known Em for a couple of years because she used to wait in my office in the centre of Vrahassi, for her sister, Maria, to finish school so that they could walk home together. The school taxi brought Emmy home on the first run and then did a second trip with the older children. Maria is 11 yrs old.
Now we are neighbours. Em's Grandmother lives next door to us, Em just around the corner. I see her every day, unless she has gone to visit her relatives (and she has plenty of those).
Today Em was in goals and Referee Grandma in control of the game. To give you some idea of what sort of player Em is think back to 'Beryl the Peril' or 'Mini the Minx' are you getting the picture? And she is strong. 'Put that wheel barrow down, Em', was a usual request from the builders of my house. My sister, frightened of wasps, moved away from two which had alighted on the floor near her, Em's foot descended with no hesitation and put an end to fear, and wasps. Em brings me a rosebud flower head every day. I am going to watch Em very closely, her life could be 'interesting'.
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