Friday, August 7, 2009


And the day finally arrived... my wonderful daughter Joanne, John and Jack winged in from England for a week at the family home. My only sorrow is that my son and his family are not here at the same time. To have all my grandchildren here would be the most marvelous thing. Maybe next year.

This reunion picture is 26 years on. Joanne was bridesmade for our friends, Ian and Diana who have a holiday home in Vrahassi.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID, what better way to spend your birthday than a trip to Malia Slides for a watery morning.

Back at the ranch it was computer games and birthday cake.

A bit late I know but this was Sunday's swimming race in Sissi Harbour.

And this was lunch with my music teacher and her friends in Kritsa.

And this was the ladies Wednesday trip to Plaqua just across from the island of Spinalonga. I have to report that there are a couple of lovely clothes shops there (classy, pricey, modern, arty). I didn't buy anything...

...except lunch!

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Jude said...

Looks like you're having an excellant summer. Wonderful photograghs..