Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nostalgia in Vrahassi

I so appreciate Nostalgia cafe bar in Vrahassi. I can sit in in comfortable surroundings, eat Kiria Anna's fantastic food, practice my Greek, and work. It doesn't get much better. I always think of what I should have said on the video, after the event. But here you can share a flavour of my evening in Vrahassi. Today I'm going to Neapolis so I will be reporting from there. I do believe more rain is on the way tonight, so I better get a few supplies in. Talk later. Love Jane x

Oh, and just to say, I was up till after midnight last night making sure I accomplished the goal I had set for the day. Books don't write themselves you know! And in and amongst it all there is a fair amount of reading. But it's all good fun. I have learned such a lot since writing Tears from the Sun - A Cretan Journey. Which, by the way, you can find on Amazon (in case you didn't already know lol)

Blessings around the world,
Love Jane x

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