Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jane in London

Hello everyone,

Well, I'm back from sunny Crete, to sunny London. Spring, it seems, has sprung everywhere. The blossom is out, and I've returned with that wonderful, enthusiastic feeling that always comes along after the long, cold nights of winter.

And what, you may be asking, is she up to now? So, here it is, my new enterprise. Laugh if you like. Have a little jeer, but those of you in the know might find, like I have, this wonderful opportunity to make some money. Anyway, this is what I am up to. Oh, and playing my cello, and singing, and writing my second novel, and keeping company with my grandson, and... and... and... life is so wonderful.

Crete has given me the energy, now it's time to trade it in for a bit of action. And you know what? Hey presto! ENERGY + ACTION = MONEY

If you want to know more click on this link:  Jane's First Blog for Empower Network

And if you could do with a bit of extra cash, pay $25 dollars and start blogging, it's as easy as that. The company give full training, and there is lots of backup. It really is wonderful to be part of a successful team.
David and I are going to the seminar in Denver, in July. This time last year we didn't have a dollar between us. Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you are up to.
Love Jane x

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