Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jane on the Move

Hi everyone, here I am, in the pink, heading back to England and my work. The journey, via EasyJet, was great, on time, and within a few hours from this picture being taken I was snug in my little flat. Of course it was a sad parting, but then, partings usually are.
Did I tell you that I received a cheque from Amazon,  for the sales of my book, how wonderful is that? So with new enthusiasm I am pushing forward with my writing.
My next mission is to find a music teacher, and continue with my cello studies. And in between all that I am developing a business in Network Marketing. It is an ideal job for someone like me who doesn't want the restrictions of going out to work. If I can make money from home I'm happy. I have chosen to follow David with a company called Empower Network, it is full of lively people, and I like that. It is not for everyone, but it suits me, and I am not ready to settle into old age. Life is far too exciting for that. If you feel the same way, take a look at my Empower Network blog, and find out what it's all about.

Tomorrow I shall visit my choir mistress for a spot of singing, Friday it is lunch with my daughter, Joanne, Saturday is, well, the weekend, and anything can happen then - I have a hankering to go and see the new Star Trek movie. Sunday is church and family, remind me to tell you how I became involved with the church in Beckenham, it's another story!

So, while David works away in the Cretan sunshine, I am working away in the Kent sunshine. My window is wide open, the birds are singing, there is a faint chatter of children's voices from a school playground somewhere behind the trees, and all is well in the world of Jane.

And here is a little follow up to what happened in Crete a few year's ago. That poor man in a coma for all those years. A little prayer for him, I think, and the people who are caring for him.

Bye for now, Jane x

Stiff Sentences In Cretan Police Ambush

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5581zonianaSix years after police were ambushed in a rural area of Crete during a drug raid, a five-judge Piraeus court handed down sentences of between 25 and six years to 16 men found guilty of involvement in the attack in Zoniana, a rural area in Rethymno. One of the officers was seriously wounded.
The court gave two men, one of whom is an Albanian national and remains at large, the maximum sentence of 25 years for the attempted murder – among other charges – of 33-year-old special officer Stathis Lazaridis, who remains in a coma five-and-a-half years after gunmen in the lawless village opened fire on 49 police officers conducting a raid in search of illegal narcotics, for which the area is notorious.
Another two officers were injured in the gun battle. The court also handed sentences of 10 years to another three men and five-and-a-half years to another 10. The 16th defendant saw his sentence reduced to four years.

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