Saturday, May 19, 2012

Night Out in Sissi

Tonight David and I went out with friends to dine in Sissi. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and we had lovely food at the Fisherman's Hook (Agistri) on the harbour. Unfortunately there were not many people out, maybe it was due to the weather, or maybe it is still early in the season, but Sissi was not buzzing. It could also have been because people had stayed in to watch the football. Whatever!

I did get to talk with a very interesting Greek gentleman about the fight to stop the construction of wind turbines, and a hydro-electric dam in the hills between Vrahassi and Krasi. He was very optimistic that this could be accomplished. This is good news, and I only hope that all goes well with the struggle to keep this land as natural as possible.

The rain today brought cooler temperatures but I think it is typical for May. June will come blazing in before we know it, and hopefully bring more tourists to help the businesses remain solvent. So, tomorrow I will start to prepare for summer and get the garden furniture out ready for painting. As for tonight, it is just past midnight and time for bediebies.

Have a good weekend everyone,

Love Jane x

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