Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ladies Wot Dine Out!

Rosemarie's birthday was celebrated in style last night. We all enjoyed a good girlie natter while we stuffed with food and the odd glass of wine in Latsida. It was a lovely night out, whose birthday is it next? (Thanks for the picture Lydia).

And today was another wonderful day in the company of friends at Fourni, where we had a little music soiree. (Pictures later)

Poetry club tomorrow in Neapolis - life is on the up! God knows the political news is depressing enough, I think it is best to just sit back and wait for the crash, then just ride with it when it comes. All this newspaper stuff is doing my head in. I need space to create, move over all things to do with the euro and Europe, I feel joyous words clamouring to be expressed!

Bye for now,
Jane x

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J.Norman said...

Jane, Jane, Jane --- it always makes me feel great after I read your cheery comments! Thanks. Wish I could come for a visit -- I'd love to sit and sip and look at your beautiful views.
Hello to Dave!