Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A 45 year old man was arrested by Neapolis police yesterday after they werecalled to the Cosmos Bar in Vrahassi.The said man, an ex-resident of the village who originates from Albania, was found to be threatening a Mr Kivanitakis with a revolver. He apparently pulled it from his jacket pocket in objection to some discussion. One shot was fired into the air as a policeman made a grab for the weapon. A revolver and live amunition were confiscated by the police.

Who was it said nothing ever happens in Vrahassi? By the way I got the report from the Anatoli newspaper, but had already been informed of what happened.

Apart from that it is really quite peaceful in Vrahassi. It's been a lovely bright day today and I've managed to write another 1000 words or so. I had a visit from the leader of the village Council to ask why I didn't attend the New Year's Day event, which was nice. I explained that the day was so cold that we simply enjoyed staying by the fire. It was very apathetic of me I know.

Keep posted for more Vrahassi entertainment.

Love Jane x

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