Monday, January 2, 2012

Film Show in Vrahassi -The Call of the Mountain

Last week, the last week of 2011, the Cultural Association of Vrahassi "The Anavlohos" held ​​a very significant event. In the club room at the old school the film "The Call of the Mountain" was shown. There followed a discussion about the movie. Many locals attended, and most positive was that it involved a lot of new people. The discussion that followed the film was about concerns that transcend the mundane, and debate on the issues of our country. Linking people with nature in the region, and the opportunities for a decent life with organized forms of exploitation of livestock and agriculture, was the backbone of the debate.
The chairman and the board of the Cultural Association of Vrahassi organized the event.

Those who did not attended the projection can watch the movie here.

I found this movie and comment on the Anavlochos Blog. It really is worth watching, not only for the issues which are raised, but for a look at a disappearing lifestile. The language of the Cretan shepherds has a beauty of its own. Even if you do not understand the words, you can still follow most of the film. Enjoy.

Love Jane x

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