Sunday, February 20, 2011


To some people, my life during the past week will seem a bit of an insignificant affair; to me it was one of the most exciting weeks ever. I'll tell you why.

For one thing my headache has disappeared, and the cloud of grey, through which I have been looking for about a month, has lifted. I feel fitter and more alert than I have for quite some time, and that in itself has made the week special. I became reunited with Valentino (cello) to find that, like riding a bicycle, I picked up where I left off, more or less in tune. And if that wasn't exciting enough in itself, I enjoyed playing my piano too.

Since my fall I find that I can appreciate so much of what is in my life: little things like being able to see the cowl of a chimney pot turn in the wind, see the grey of a winter morning, knowing that I am safe and warm in my house, wonder at the sight of a lemon tree festooned with more lemons than a Christmas tree has fairy lights; and to know that I can walk freely amongst it all without fear, without hunger, without cold.

During the week I saw some of my dear friends. We sat together, drank tea, ate buscuits and listened to each other's stories. There was a lot of love around me, something that I am very aware that some people have a lack of. To be able to share intimate moments of other peoples' lives is always, I feel, a privilege. It shows trust and openness, both things that make good relationships. One of our friends even did a bit of extra baking, and gave us a 'take away' cornish pasty. Another invited us for lunch and treated us to home made shepherds' pie. To have such good friends is without doubt a wonderful thing in life.

The book which another of my friends loaned me to read this week, and which I have just finnished, is called Angels in my Hair. It is the autobiography of an Irish lady who grew up seeing angels and spirits. She describes angels and how they work. Thousands of people say that she has changed their lives for the better. I am sure she has. If you get the chance do read this book.

David has looked after me so wonderfully well during the past few weeks - not that he hasn't done for the whole of our 43 years together. Just to spend time together doing the necessary things, like shopping, making meals, cleaning the house, has been such a bonus. To sit for a while and discuss each other's work, to vision the future together, is such a great thing to do.

Another joyous event of my week, was to have a conversation with my grandaughter, Star. She is a busy 15 year old, and for her to make even a minute to think of me, fills me with such happiness.

It is Sunday today, our three little puppies are 4 weeks old and little cuties. The black one is going to a good home in the village, but we can enjoy him for a couple of weeks longer. That leaves two blondies, a boy and a girl. I don't want to get too attached but on the other hand...

This is life in the slow lane! I did spend a few hours doing my Greek homework, and our lesson yesterday was very helpful. And I did spend a few hours writing a sestina, for those of you who do not know what this is, it is a poem with a very interesting form. (click the word to find out how to write a sestina). It will go in my next collection of poems. Oh, and the full moon just highlighted the excitement of the week.

Next week I am going to make myself useful and try to get the council to clear the overgrown streets of Vrahassi.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that this week I heard about the Greek dancing classes that have been organized by Dimitri Kiriakakis, for the children of Vrahassi. I was so happy to hear about this opportunity for the kids. The ones I spoke with were very enthusiastic, especially as they told me that when they were good enough, they would get a costume and dance for funtions in the village. I know I have nothing to do with this but I would like to thank Dimitri for his efforts towards keeping village traditions alive.

So, it is time for us to take the dogs for a walk. I wish you all a very happy Sunday and a most exciting week ahead.
Love Jane x

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traciehockney said...

So glad you are feeling better.. have read your blog for may months Keep strong.