Friday, December 31, 2010


Is there no end to the fun! It appears not. It is New Year's Eve and the bubbly is on ice.

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing today, I want you to celebrate all the good things of 2010 and welcome in the new year with loving thoughts of peace to all mankind. Let a wave of love start with that first new year's kiss, let it surge out to your family, your friends, your neighbours, the politicians who work towards keeping a safe and healthy environment for you to live in, the workers of the world, who with their energy create beauty and maintain order, and to the spiritual leaders who keep the light of God blazing. And, let a great sunami of love warm the hearts of the sick, the poor, the bereaved, the hungry and the homeless. How does the song go? "It started with a kiss..." And remember to love yourself, nobody ever said you shouldn't do that. Let 2011 be full of love.

That's my new year's message, be happy, and have a wonderful New Year's Eve.

With love from Jane x

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