Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hard to believe we slept 72 nights in this little tent, February, March, April 1992.
It is mid October and very humid, sweaty weather, with lots of sand in the sky and south winds. It doesn't feel right to be wearing sun dresses, the light has gone, and it feels like Autumn, but too hot to wrap up. I keep forgetting that there are still tourists here, and they want the warm weather for sure. A shepherd grazing his flock on the mountain, assures me that rain is on its way for the weekend. I don't want to be a killjoy but I hope he is right. How wonderful it will be to wear woolies when I go to England at the end of the month! The Cretan winter is mild, except for a couple of really cold spells. It will rain in December, a bit, but it is olive picking time and plenty of clear days. January too has sunny days, but cooler nights. February through to April is the rainy season. Hm... I suppose it wasn't too bad in that tent, very cosy!

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