Saturday, October 9, 2010


There I was enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate after my Saturday talk in Hersonissos, when all hell broke loose. Aspasia's car was on fire! Yiorgos Kiverniti came into the cafeneo to ask Yannis to called the fire engine, Georgia went for help. There were a couple of explosions. I was quite afraid that the church would be damaged, but before long there was a hosepipe dowsing the flames. The firebrigade arrived just as the fire was put out, but a trusty fireman hot footed it to the scene and using a hand extinquisher he sprayed all parts of the burnt out engine. The pictures I took of the car were too dark to be any good, but I can tell you the whole of the front of Aspasia's motor is a molten mess; she was next to tears but thank God nobody was hurt. Vrahassi life eh! Sweet dreams, Jane x

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