Sunday, June 28, 2009


It was great we all went on a coach (tourists for the night) and enjoyed the music, the dancing and the food. It was something different and I am sure that Vanessa had a lovely birthday.

And these lovely people are Jan and Nina Winter who had heard that I was selling my piano accordion and who came looking for me in Vrahassi. Jan Winter is a famous hurdy-gurdy, groddalira player from Sweden. He brought me a gift of his latest CD (very celtic sound) but my accordion was too big for him.

David meanwhile was setting up my piano in the house ready for me to practice for our next Soiree. That will probably be at the end of August so watch out for the ads as to where and when it will be held.

As you can imagine this week is a mixture of hard work and tattered emotions. The bar is almost empty (except for the dust) and my lovely new house is busting at the seems with boxes of household posessions. It is nearly the 30th, Tuesday, when I have to be at a tribunal at the IKA office in Ag Nik to state my case against he who shall not be named. They are asking a sum of just over 28,000 euro in payment of insurance stamps which he who shall not be named is claiming as being due to him from me. When I would not give in to his blackmail threat of 'Give me 10,000 euro or I will go to IKA' he did just that saying that he was 'employed' by me. Well, he knows the truth and I know the truth and to say that my digestive system is a wee bit upset is putting it mildly but I have to go through this. I have a good lawyer and can only go with that. One thing is for sure, I don't have anything like that sort of money.
Looking on the bright side of things...I have some wonderful friends and one hell of a fantastic husband, and me and Valentino are getting on just fine. (For those of you who don't know it, Valentino is my Cello).
So, at 3 p.m. on Tuesday I would appreciate as much positive energy as possible to see me through this nightmare. Thanks to all who do that.
I will of course be letting you know what happens but it may not be until next weekend because on Wednesday I am off to Sitia with a group of laughing ladies. It is another coach trip. Yippeeee!

Bye for now,
Jane x

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Jude said...

All the very best on your trip with the laughing ladies.....and, of course, with the other matter!