Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is Papa Nikos, I think I may try and make a painting of him. Below ar photos of 'Doctors of Vrahassi' the centre one is Mr Zouraris who was the father of Mr Kostas Zouraris. Our current Doctor is 'Mr Yannis' that is all I know of his name, I will ask his surname when I next see him. He comes to the village every Friday morning. I can't thank him enough for finding a cure for my recent illness.

This is Pat and her friend who popped in to see me last week before they go back to England. Two lovely ladies.

A surprise visit from Elain and George who are staying in Elounda.

And... Lydia and family...

And one of my neighbours who showed me what to do with an artichoke. There was very little of it left when he had finished but that was the best bit which, soaked in lemon juice and salt appears to be the best accompaniment for raki.

In the middle of the 'raki party' the cheese man turned up with his jingly Cretan music advertising that he was in the middle of the square. Always a very popular person, a crowd soon gathered.

...and the 'raki party continued.

This is a lovely house (it's mine)

This is going to be a lovely house... work in progress.

This could be a lovely house (ring me if you want to buy it).

And this... well, is it a house or isn't it. The owner assures me that it is (no water or electric, and only a bit of a roof on the very back part of the building).

There is a roof in the back... But I await the Architects report before I am convinced. It will make a big difference to the price naturally. The area is over a hundred m2 and the views are wonderful... watch this space.

This is the view from one of my walks looking down the gorge at Selinari. Vrahassi is perched on the right of the mountain.

Now look at this lovely little plant which I spotted growing in the hedgerow. I don't have a name for it but will investigate.

My walking companions this week were able to take lots of beautiful photographs. Here, Keith from Yorkshire, has spotted something new.

It wasn't all easy going, on this walk everyone helps to add stones to my wall, which I have to say is looking like a real wall. A long way to go yet though! Thanks Val and Eric for your building skills.

Kieth too, well he should be used to stone walls coming from Yorkshire.

And... back to Vrahassi...

Emanuella coming home from school.

Elaini tidying up the street.

And... back at the Revolution Cafe-Bar for refreshments.

And I put this one in because I had a little shopping expedition. I bought a lovely mirror for my new house but I could have bought much more. Visit this shop which is across from Sunland Restaurant on the road to the camp site out of Sissi. There are some lovely pieces of pottery and other gift ideas.

That was my week and in between it all I have been very busy with art lessons, music lessons, and Greek lessons not to mention getting papers to the Accountant for year end, stocking up on beer supplies and food shopping. The weather today has been 'HOT' and now I am going to rustle up some food while I've a minute.
Hope to see you in Vrahassi one day soon.
Love Jane x

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