Wednesday, July 18, 2012

London Olympics

Well, family, friends, and blog watchers,

 I hope you are all enjoying a wonderfully mad summer. I am! Last week I took a cheapy flight out of Heraklion, away from the intense heat, and back to rainy England. I bought an official Olympic games badge, and am all set to join a 'flame passing through' party on Monday. I have my flag, and I am going to wave it; might even buy a tee-shirt too. I am staying close to Crystal Palace, where the track and other facilities are being used as practice areas, it is just a short walk down the road.

I have lots of things on my 'to do' list. I suppose I could have applied for a job with G4 but I doubt they would have processed me in time. I am enjoying being with family, and it is wonderful to be able to understand word for word, news at ten. In short I am having a great time.

I don't have a camera yet, I left mine with David, but I won't be long without one, and I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

If you are reading this, gang in Yorkshire, I have tried ringing you, I'll keep trying as my English number is new.

I wrote a poem yesterday called, Overweight - my first English adventure poem. It begins:
Give me a break! What? My bag is overweight?

I expect to have lots to write about over the next few weeks. I am missing Valentino, and I am missing David, sooooooooo much. Thank goodness for Skype.

So, I'll blog again soon. Take care all, love Jane x


Give me a break! What? My bag is overweight?
But it's full of essentials, personal sentimentals,
A wooden flute from Kathmandu,
Hand carved pipes, a didgeridoo,
The two-stringed gourd? It was a gift from Lou,
And the tom-tom I swapped for a pair of shoes,

What do you mean? The ice-crushing machine?
Of course it is essential,though not so sentimental,
I have to have my daily tot
Of creme-de-menthe, it means a lot,
It calms my nerves and stops me getting hot,
And anyway, much better than pot!

Ah! The Shaman stones with holes, they're not just rocks,
They're definitely essential; I'm very sentimental
When I wash them in the moonlight,
Slip through their portal into night,
Dance with the stars; hold hands with the light,
Swirl with vestal virgins in their springtime rite.

Look, there's nothing in my bag that I don't need,
I only packed essential, you see I'm very sentimental
When it comes to things I possess
Candles, Krypton, my cocktail dress,
I simply can't make it weigh any less,
Just tell me how much, and I'll pay the excess.

Jane Sharp 2012

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David Sharp said...

Blooming heck Jane you never told me you had rocks in your case.... Love you xxx