Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Snowdrops in Your Hand

It's a bit sad but today would have been my Daddy's birthday, so I play this in remembrance of him.

It is also my sister's birthday today, so not a sad day. And tomorrow will be our grandaughter Jade's birthday. It's a family week for sure, and I am looking forward to seeing them all very soon.

My dog Phebe, not content to have stollen my black hole (it is a piece of rubber that my cello spike fits into) and chewed a piece out of it, has destroyed David's work hat, and now what is left of it is in the bin. Meanwhile Percy has spent the afternoon listening to my music.

It has been another very hot day - lovely! And now I am going to prepare dinner and maybe take a look at my Greek homework.

By the way the poetry which I downloaded yesterday is very good, and in another class altogether. 'Must try harder,' comes to mind.

Tomorrow I will be out and about, shopping, visiting friends and generally getting more exercise than today. And boy do I need it. Methinks the summer wine has gone to my belly and I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO GET RID OF IT! When I've eaten all the icecream in the fridge I'm not going to buy any more. I'm still full of Christening cake from our street party on Thursday evening. Still it was a good 'naming of the child'. All in a good cause!

Have a pleasant evening all!
Love Jane x

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