Friday, September 23, 2011

Schubert Standchen (ABRSM grade 5 cello exams 2011)

So...! I'm really trying! Honestly! Just not quite got the hang of it like this little girl. Oh well, how does it go? 'I CAN AND I WILL', watch this space.

Meanwhile, David has persuaded me to start this programme of exercise. It involves words like, 'biceps', 'chest and triceps', 'back and biceps', 'shoulders and abs', 'quads' 'thighs', 'hamstring and calves'. He is acting as my personal trainer - ah! we live in desperate times! The word 'dumbell' has taken on a totally new meaning, I mean 'heavy'. Anyway apparently I have to give over about 7 minutes every other day to tone my body. I just hope it improves my bow-arm technique. Time will tell.

By the way, the fish shop that opened is still closed. I did hear that it was a problem with the fish man's transport. Pity really, I was looking forward to a good supply of fresh fish.

There was a good arguement in our street a couple of days ago. Domestic, but stones were thrown. You can't beat a lover's tiff for drama in the morning. Probably all over money, or the lack of it. I suppose there will be more passion rent before the economic crisis is over. I hadn't realized that there is a soup kitchen in Agios Nikolaos. Children are without books at school, in fact there are not so many teachers either. Where will it end? How long will it be before the kids don't have any shoes to go to school in? Learn to grow veggies, that what I say. And start acquiring a taste for lentils.

Bye for now,
Jane x

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