Monday, May 30, 2011


Well, this was a turn up for the books! Here I am with the Patron Saint of Poetry (according to Carol Ann Duffy) Roger McGough. It was an opportunity that I could not pass up on. When I heard that he was to give a poetry reading, I immediately organized a ticket for the event. The poetry workshop which I was lucky enough to attend was a real bonus. David and I went over to Vamos, near Xania, for the weekend, where we caught the last few days of their Art Festival. It was a great weekend. For those of you who may not be into poetry, Roger used to be a member of a group called The Scaffold, remember Lilly the Pink? He has since been awarded a CBE and OBE for his services to poetry. Esteemed company indeed! If you are able to listen in to Radio 4 you will hear Roger presenting the programme, Poetry Please. So, that was my weekend, I hope yours was as enjoyable. This week I have to catch up with my cello practice in and amongst my writing. Village news is a bit thin, but about a week ago, Lefteris and Stella had their third child, a little boy. Otherwise the village is quiet, we would never know that there were tourists on Crete if we didn't leave Vrahassi now and then. I suppose the weather is the main talking point. It is still a bit chilly, and damp, rain is forcast again for tomorrow. My next door neighbour says that it is going to be the same throughout June and July. Let's hope not. I have some personal news too - our daughter, Joanne, has completed her University course, and will graduate in October. Well done that girl! A happy Bank Holiday to all. Talk again soon. Love Jane x

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eva i Aten said...

Hello Jane!
Congratulations to Joanne!

From now I'm writing my blog in English as well.
I have made an extra page there with foreign bloggers in Greece and I have put a picture of you there together with a link to your blog! Hope you'll get some readers from there as well!
Have a nice week!