Monday, May 9, 2011


Yes, David and I have decided to put our house on the market. It was not an easy decision. We have put a lot of love into restoring this old Cretan house to make it a modern, functional home. I love my bathroom with its double bath, I love my bedroom with its beams and gothic window., I love my wonderful living room with the old, stone arch, I love the view of the mountains, I love my neighbours - but it is time to move on. We are not ready to retire and another adventure calls.

We will look first in Vrahassi for our next home. We love Vrahassi, the climate is the best in Crete, the proximity to the sea, the convenience of being only 45 minutes away from the airport, and to be able to look out of my window and see twelve, fourteen Griffon Vultures circling on a thermal, is just something else.

We will continue to improve our large, outside areas, where we hope to have many barbecues during the summer. If you buy our house, maybe you will invite us to your barbecue! So, take a look at the details of our lovely home by clicking the link above. Very soon, most of the big agencies will have our house on their sites, so wherever you look, you will find us.

Do tell all your friends and acquaintances; they may be looking for a life in the sunshine!

In case you would like any further information please contact the agent; or if you prefere, get in touch with me: 0030 6945 872472

And now I'm off out to Sissi by the sea, where a bookshop has requested more of my books, Tears from the Sun - A Cretan Journey. If you have not read it yet do look on Amazon, where you can now download it as a Kindle e-book for very little money.

Love to all, peace and light,
Jane x

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Kirstz said...

Selling your own house is not an easy decisions but sometime we need to sell it. Your house is really cool and if I am near from your place I will buy it. Anyway, I am hoping that someone will buy that house. Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep it up.:)

You may take a look also some houses for sale here in the Philippines.