Sunday, April 3, 2011


This was last Sunday, no electricity due to new cables being laid in the next village. I didn't know anything about it. Not the council's fault, as David says on the video, it was the electricity board. Anyway, thanks to our wonderful wood burning fire, we tucked in to stuffed mushrooms, stiffado, creamed potatoes, carrots, and a rich chocolate pudding. Nothing to it. Today, David and I were entertained by our Greek friends. A much easier morning, and a delicious lunch! Now I am in the middle of watching Bruce Willis in Tears of the Sun. It is absolutely nothing like my book Tears from the Sun. The earthquake on Friday shook a few houses in Vrahassi. I was outside at the time and felt it under my feet. It was 6 on the R scale and out to sea between Crete and Karpathos. The heavy rain yesterday and through the night beat into our front door and straight through it. We have now decided that our traditional wooden door will have to go. It looks good, but changes shape with the weather. A bit like me really! I am going to Margaret's Zumba class on Thursday afternoon to try to shape up for summer. The best thing about today is that it is Mothering Sunday, Mother's Day, whatever, and I got to talk to my children and grandchildren in England. Skype is a wonderful thing! I hope you had as good a Mothering Sunday as we did. Love and peace to all, Jane x

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