Thursday, September 2, 2010


On Tuesday we were in Rethymnon, a little unexpected trip to pick up a parcel in Vamos. The Nomad depot doubles with the shop of the English butcher, John. We returned with cumberland sausage, cold roast ham, and home cured bacon, plus the parcels of course.

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elina2_092 said...

Hello Jane! I visited Vrahassi the other day and now I was trying to find out at what height over the sea the village is, when I happened to see your blog! For sure I will follow it. I have a blog as well, but I write in Swedish...but who knows - maybe it can be fun to look at the pictures?! My blog is called Grekisk Sallad(Greek Salad) and you find it at
How much do they want for that plot of 6 stremmata? Is it connected with the village or kind of far out? Today I will put many pictures from your village. I have never seen such a cute village!
Many regards from Eva
This is my daughters e-mail.