Friday, August 20, 2010


Remember the music night in Sissi. This is Alexander in rehearsal.

It has been such a busy time since then, I have been getting my poetry ready to make into a proper collection. I have also been re-writing my first collection, A Year in Glenridding. It is out of print now and I thought to re-vamp it. The village is quietening after the holiday visitors but it is still busy in the evenings down in the square. Work continues with the paving, it's a bit of a struggle using some roads but a small price to pay for the benefit of lovely pathways through the village. And it is still very hot. Still it is August and not really a surprise. I was listening to radio Cumbria today, and they were saying that it was raining. At the same time I was writing what I had written in 1993 when we lived there: 'It is August, the rainy season in the Lake District, it has rained every day throughout the month.' I had to laugh, because of the rain I could not go out, so I had chance to write, and because of the extreem heat here, it is impossible to sit outside so the result is the same. I can sit at my computer and work.

I also listen to radio Leicester, I like the Tony Wadsworth show, midday. I was all set to listen to him live in Skegness when I was summoned to a bookshop in Xersonissos to show them my book. They put it on their shelves. The bookshop across from Halkiadakis supermarket. Anyway, worth missing Skegness for I think.

I just love these pictures that I took at Milatos last week, the light was not good but they captured the moment.

Tomorrow I will try to get my article about 'Erotoctritos' onto my webpage. Knights in armour, love, passion, ah the stuff that life is made of! Hope you are all having a good August. Join me on facebook (I don't play games) but enjoy the social contact with so many people. Oh, and thank you for watching my blog, if you have any ideas as to what I should write about on here, let me know.
Meanwhile I'll get out there tomorrow and take some more pictures.
Love to all, Jane x

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