Saturday, August 28, 2010


Just a little note to say that yesterday was also the Church Feast of Agios Fanourios. Not much is known about this Saint, but apparently an icon with the grizzly details of his death, was found in an old church, way back. The pictures were so graphic that the church assumed that the man, named Fanourios, died a martre's death. He was therefore made into a Saint and is known as the Saint of lost things.

It is tradition, on this day, to make a special cake to put inside the church. The cake should have 9 ingredients: 1 glass orange juice, 1 glass sugar, 1 glass oil, pinch salt, cinnamon, ground cloves, walnuts, sultanas and flour.

If you have lost something, then you must make a cake and take it into the church where you will ask Agios Fanourios to help you find it. I wrote a little poem when one of my neighbours lost her ring, she made a cake, took it to the church, said a prayer and that night, even though she had turned the house upside down, gone through all the rubish and was about to lift the floorboards, she opened the bread bin to take out some bread for supper, and there was the ring. She said she had washed the bread bin out whilst looking for her ring, and that Agios Fanourios had answered her prayer.

Agios Fanourios if you please
Return to me my ring
And if you do, I promise you
That to the church I'll bring
A cake with nine ingredients
Especially for you
So please Agios Fanourios
Make my wish come true

Ooh! Makes yer wonder doesn't it?

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