Thursday, July 1, 2010


Kalo Mina everyone!
Sometimes it is good to get out of Vrahassi and try somewhere different to eat. The Athiboles (Cretan for 'memories') taverna in Latsida, is literally ten minutes drive from our house. Their menu offers fresh produce, local meats, Cretan appetisers and a hospitable environment.
True to their word, together with our half litre of wine we were treated to three little dishes as appetisers: olives, tomatoes and hot meat in delicious gravy. It was no more than a tablespoonful, but it took the edge off our hunger while we waited for our main meal to arrive. It is a pity that this tradition seems to be disappearing in Vrahassi, I realize that there are economic reasons, or is it that computer games are more important than customers? Whatever, the little taverna just down the road is a delightful place to eat - and they serve delicious icecream too. Our meal, without icecream, cost us 15 euro: meat, chips, a very fresh, crisp salad and half a litre of wine. Excellent value, lovely surroundings and happy memories. Thank you Manolis and Sophia.