Wednesday, July 21, 2010


David and I had a real treat in Ag Nik today. We ate the best grilled octopus that we've ever had, smoked duck and pear salad, and mushrooms with balsamic dressing. Then the fantastic puddings that you see. Yes, it was expensive, but it was our treat for all the hard work we have done over the past year. Of course, it is back to stuffed vine leaves tomorrow. Hey ho, probably much more healthy!
Two other things to mention: first my book is now on sale in the small bookshop in Sissi, and sencond, I received a telephone call from a member of the Sissi Cultural Committee, asking me to play cello at their musical event to be held in Sissi on 7th August (or 6th... or maybe 8th). Anyway the date will be decided soon. It promises to be a jolly evening with about twenty local musicians joining together to make a varied programme. Another little adventure for me and Valentino.
AND... Joanne and Jack and John arrive on Monday! Five sleeps to go. Cossies at the ready!