Saturday, June 19, 2010


The first official pre-launch of my book, Tears from the Sun - A Cretan Journey, went well. David and I set off early in the morning to collect the bunting from 'Specially for You' in Sissi. The printing business run by Joe and Gail. They had also printed a T-shirt for David and made me an advertisment board. While we were there we picked up a copy of 'Who Pays the Ferryman' a British 1978 television series which was filmed locally. Then it was a swift hour of blowing up balloons and fixing bunting outside the YiaSu Bar before going home to prepare the food for the buffet. That seemed to take ages, but by the time 5 0'clock came round all was packed ready for the off.
We stuffed the car full of champagne and nibble, books and bookmarks and headed to Malia where we picked up the cake - a wonderful cheesecake that had green jelly on the top. Unfortunately we forgot to take pics of the cake, in fact we forgot about the cake altogether, and by the time we were reminded, most of our visitors had gone. Guess what we ate today!
It was a fantastic evening. My friend Margaret of came to do a Reiki blessing on the book. Her words were beautiful: In the name of all that is good, true, and brings love and light, bless this story, that it should reach into hearts and minds. Bless the people who read it, to lighten their journey. May it bring happiness and joy to all who read it.
The proprietors of the YiaSu Bar presented me with a lovely bouquet of flowers, and three of my friends read short passages from the book. It was a fantastic way to baptize my novel, and to present it to the world. Where better than a bar only a few yards away from the little flat in which I had the dream that inspired the book. I thank all those who attended and supported me at this very special event.
Today, the bunting came down and David and I enjoyed an hour at the Sissi Arms, where we watched England v Austrailia play rugby. Now it's back to work, but by eck, it ain't half hot!