Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just got back from a trip to the east coast to visit my daughter in Virginia and (of course) took Tears From the Sun. I finished the book on the flight home and I have to tell you I was simply mesmerized throughout the entire book. It was just absolutely a fun and magical story. You have such a gift for describing the characters and places that I just felt I was there! You’ve had an incredibly fascinating life !! And Crete and Vrahassi and all of the history of the Minoans is something I wouldn’t ever have had the experience of knowing about without this book. SO...are you doing a sequel - what’s next in the literary works for you? I’m going to miss Kate and Fuckin’ Pete and Maria and everyone! I just hated to see the story end.
JoAnne Hodge

I received these comments today from one of my readers in America. It has prompted me to start writing book number two. Thanks JoAnne for your very kind words, I am so happy that you enjoyed reading my book.

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