Friday, March 26, 2010


The world is upside down! I can't go to orchestra practice because my car was smashed, my street is blocked with a fallen down building - a bit more of Vrahassi tumbling down, and when I went to the Post Office in Neapolis with a parcel for my grandchildren, they wouldn't accept it for posting unless I opened it and showed them what was inside. Now I really object to this. I didn't open the parcel. I will send it with a courier first. This is Europe, I was sending the parcel to England. I declared what was inside, I don't want to say here, it is a surprise for my family. It sickens me though, now it will be Monday before I get it off (if then) and it may not reach my family for Easter. Greece needs reforms - I think I'll send a message to the Prime Minister! Though with this postal system he may never recieve it!

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