Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Members of the organisation, Flowers of Crete, met in Vrahassi yesterday to inspect a palm tree which is infested with the Red Palm Weevil. Mr Dimitri Kiriakakis, spotted the beasties and has done his best to irradicate the eggs. The hope is that it has not spread to the wonderful trees in the graveyard. These tees must be saved but as our organisation has no money, we are desperate for a solution. If there is anyone out therewho can help us, please get in touch with me as soon as you can. We need to set feramone traps to capture the weevils. It all costs money.

It is deffinitely chilly in Vrahassi today. Rain clouds gathered yesterday but it didn't rain, and today is the same. Though I must say I didn't see much of the weather yesterday as I was down in Sissi, at the office of my insurance company (which doubles as Serviceland), waiting for a guy to come from Ierapetra to photograph my car. It's proper poorly after a motor wellied it broadside on, in Neapolis, on Monday. I was just on my way for the dress rehearsal of a little concert that I'm in (with Valentino), on Sunday, when this car pulls out straight into me. Just one of those things, I suppose!

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