Tuesday, December 22, 2009


That's me in the throws of my last bit of baking before Christmas. I've marzipaned and iced the cake, I've made loads of mince pies, buscuits, a sponge for the trifle, a fruit pie and a flan. Tomorrow I'm off to buy my meat and veggies. Then I shall pour myself a warming glass of sherry, put the Christmas music on and start to enjoy Christmas 2009. It is the first Christmas in our new house in Vrahassi. If you are in the neighbourhood do call in for a drop of mulled wine on Christmas Eve.
I am going to relax infront of the TV now with the film 'Dancing Feet' (on Star). It's just started and my feet are already tapping!

To family and friends, if you are reading this, I hope all your preparations for Christmas are well underway and that you all have a WONDERFUL FESTIVE HOLIDAY.

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vivien said...

Hi Jane...I do wish we could take you up on your offer of a glass of mulled wine but unfortunately we don't move into our house in Latsida until 2011. Perhaps we could have a rain check?