Sunday, October 11, 2009


This blog is especially for you K. Manolis. It was a pleasure to meet you and your family on Saturday, thank you for your kind words and for being a fan of my blog. I have included this marvelous picture of one of the proud fathers of Vrahassi because a) I think you resemble him and b) I think he would be horrified if he saw the sad state of some of the old houses that are being left to fall down. This house is on the top road and only recently has lost its front wall, I do hope someone will save it. It is possible that the owners of these properties are multiple and in distant countries, America or Australia for instance, and I do appreciate that in these cases nothing can be done by the families. Anyway, I look forward to seeing you next time you are in Vrahassi, all the best with your house renovations.

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