Friday, October 9, 2009


What a great start to the day, a basket full of fresh veggies straight out of my neighbour's garden. I snapped her enquiring about the music stand in front of the fire, she didn't understand it. Anyway we had an early, 8a.m. cuppa (early for me anyway) and she was gone by 9. My day started in a bit of a hurry to muster but it started well. Computer work done, Cello practice done, Greek homework done and now to walk my beautiful hound on to the hill before sitting down with a good book. Oh by the way I have discovered a new Radio Station, it is called Writer'sFM if you are interested in that sort of thing I can recommend that you take a look and tune in. Happy Friday all!

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Jo and Jack said...

What's that Zouki? Little Timmy's stuck in the well? And we have to hurry before the water fills up? Good dog!