Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Wow! What a fabulous evening we had on Sunday at the Stadium in Heraklion. After a week of listening to Mozart's string quartets trying to follow the cello part, 'Sakis Live' was just what I needed. It was loud, it was rock, it was raw energy and brilliant entertainment. I've watched Sakis grow up and become a star and it was great to be part of the action on Sunday night. The back up singers and dancers were wonderful and the band, well it rivalled the Stones, Guns and Roses, even Queen in parts. Sometimes you just gotta 'ROCK'!

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A Little House in Crete said...

Hi, before we left Sitia last week we noticed NO "election 2009" posters at all but "Sakis Live" posters everywhere! Glad you enjoyed yourselves.