Thursday, March 10, 2011


And if you don't believe me take a look at this site:

Today is Petticoat Thursday. Even David didn't believe me, so I thought I would check it out on the net. I was sure it was one of my childhood memories, but have to admit that it was a long time ago, and after the bang on my head, well, I could be thinking all sorts. At first I couldn't find any reference to Petticoat Thursday, so I worked on Kissing Friday (tomorrow), and sure enough I came across a comment on the above site. A fellow Yorkshireman from the area in which I grew up, also remembers Petticoat Thursday and Kissing Friday.

The tradition was that after Shrove Tuesday, and Ash Wednesday, we had Petticoat Thursday and Kissing Friday. It was a tradition carried out at our junior school, Long Preston Endowed School, in the village of Long Preston near Settle in North Yorkshire (then the West Riding). On Petticoat Thursday the girls had to wear their best petticoat and the boys chased them around the playground lifting up their skirts to see their petticoats. The next day the boys chased them around to try and get a kiss. All a bit pagan/spring rite sort of thing I suppose.

It could be a problem to revive the tradition in this day and age. For one thing petticoats seem to be a thing of the past, most young people wear jeans, and for another, can you imagine the trouble that it would cause if teachers allowed a 'kissing' day. Of course when I was at junior school I was so innocent. Even the boys were not allowed to wear long trousers. How times have changed.

It is sad to see the passing of traditions, and good to remember them. What say we revive Petticoat Thursday as a little naughtiness in the midst of sobriety?

Love Jane x

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